Walk-In Tubs for Seniors

Walk-In Tubs Provide Safety, Therapy & Luxury For Active Agers

As we age safety, specifically bathroom safety becomes a concern. Bathrooms are a particular area to focus on because bathrooms are usually small, the floor and appliances are hard, there is often water on the floor that makes it slippery, and our balance tends to decrease as we age. There are many inexpensive ways to increase safety in your bathroom.  Installing grab bars, a raised toilet seat or commode placed on top of the toilet, nonslip tape on the floors, and using a transfer tub bench are examples of these.

If you are thinking about a bathroom remodel, you might consider a walk-in tub. This is a more dramatic and expensive option than the others, but it can bring long-term benefits.


Walk-in tubs have a door on the side.  You open the door, walk into the tub, fill it up, and enjoy. There is no trying to climb over the edge of the tub.   With nonslip tape and grab bars, there is virtually no chance of slipping. The tubs come with built-in seats so you don’t have to lower yourself all the way to the bottom of the tub to enjoy a soak. There are even wheelchair-accessible walk-in tubs so wheelchair users can get in and out easily.

Many walk-in tubs come with anti-scald features.  You can also get a shower/tub hybrid with a flexible shower hose. Quick-fill and quick-drain capabilities and an alarm button for emergencies keep you safe and give you options while bathing.


You can turn your walk-in tub into a home spa. There are therapeutic options in walk-in tubs to help with pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and general stiffness. Walk-in tubs can also help with diabetes, heart health, and stress reduction

The bather is in deeper water and the water covers more of the body quickly.  This increases the benefits of warm water on circulation and stiffness.

They also come with air or water jets to massage you as you soak, as well as whirlpool options.  Heaters in the tub keep the temperature perfect no matter how long you luxuriate. Chromatherapy uses different color lights for their healing properties.

Special Considerations

Walk-in tubs can provide extra safety and enjoyment for people of any age.  Since they hold more water than most tubs, you have to consider the capacity of your water heater. 

The length and width of walk-in tubs is comparable to that of standard tubs, the main difference is that they are taller.  So they don’t take up much space in your bathroom.  You can get larger tubs for large people and tubs big enough for two.

Installation costs can be high, especially if you need special plumbing or a larger water heater.

Without the unique feature of quick fill and quick drain, you have to sit in the tub as it fills or drains, which could take a long time.  You would also be slowed down if there was an emergency – that is why some tubs can come with an alarm button.

Other features you want to consider are the height of the step to get into the tub, the type of seating inside the tub, and the ease of cleaning. Tubs can come with doors that open in or out.  You want to be absolutely sure that the locking mechanism and the seal the door makes is always perfect for preventing leaks.

Walk-In Tub Manufacturers

There are some companies that manufacture walk-in tubs as their primary business.  Some of the best of these are Safe Step Tubs, Boca Walk-In Tubs, and Ella’s Bubbles. Some general bathtub manufacturers offer walk-in tub options.  These include American Standard, Kohler, and Jacuzzi.

If you are looking to upgrade your bathroom, a walk-in tub is a great consideration for safety and enjoyment. If you have any questions about walk-in tubs, or any other issues relating to staying active for an entire lifetime, SeniorThrive! Is here to help.


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