Stay Independent at Home with Helpful Visual Cues

Getting Forgetful

Having trouble remembering important information or daily tasks as you age? Adding visual cues around your home can help jog your memory and allow you to maintain independence for longer.

Try these ideas for helpful reminders:

  • Label cabinets, drawers, and baskets with their contents using large text or pictures. This makes finding things easier.
  • Post step-by-step instructions for using appliances or electronics near the item with text or images.
  • Use chalkboard labels or dry erase boards on the fridge and doors to leave notes for yourself or caregivers.
  • Use color-coded bins and storage containers to categorize items (blue for bathroom items, yellow for kitchen tools).
  • Hang a whiteboard calendar in a main area and write appointments, social events, and meetings.
  • Set reminders with Alexa, Siri or other smart speakers for daily events like taking medications.
  • Put up arrows, color strips, or carpet runners to clearly mark paths and changes in flooring.
  • Add labels to frequently used or important buttons on remotes, phones, or appliances.
  • Display photos of loved ones near the phone with their names and numbers.

Taking these steps to use visual cues and reminders can help boost memory, reduce confusion, and empower you to confidently care for yourself. Try a few ideas and see what works best to maintain your independence! Let us know what tricks work best for you!


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