Empower Your Independence: Elevate Your Living with SeniorThrive

The ThriveScore encapsulates the essence of the SeniorThrive app, providing a practical and engaging way for seniors to enhance their living conditions and well-being.
Thrive Score

Understanding Your ThriveScore

What is the ThriveScore?

The ThriveScore is a comprehensive metric within the SeniorThrive app that combines personal health data with environmental assessments to create a personalized baseline of wellness and home safety for seniors. It takes into account various factors, including mobility, medication adherence, cognitive function, and the physical layout and safety features of the home.

Importance of Combining Health Information with Home Assessments

By integrating personal health information with home assessment results, the ThriveScore offers a unique and complete picture of a senior's living situation. This dual focus ensures that both the individual's well-being and their living environment are optimized for aging in place successfully.

Setting Your Baseline for Improvement

The initial ThriveScore serves as a baseline, a starting point from which seniors and caregivers can track progress. It identifies areas for improvement and helps prioritize actions that can have the most significant impact on the senior’s quality of life and independence.

Gaming Component: Engaging and Encouraging Action

SeniorThrive introduces a gamified experience where users are encouraged to improve their ThriveScore through various actions. By following the app's recommendations, users can ‘level up’ their score. This gamification adds an element of fun and achievement to the process of maintaining and enhancing one’s lifestyle and environment.

Actionable Recommendations

The app provides a spectrum of suggestions tailored to the user’s specific needs:

  Do-It-YourSelf Tidying Up:

Simple, self-directed tasks like decluttering spaces to prevent falls and create a more comfortable living area.

  Product Recommendations:

Suggestions for products that can enhance safety and convenience, such as grab bars, smart sensors, or ergonomic furniture.

  Professional Services:

For more significant modifications or health needs, the app recommends vetted professional services ranging from home remodeling contractors to healthcare specialists.

Reminders to Stay on Track

To support consistent engagement, SeniorThrive sends out reminders to users, nudging them to take small daily actions or plan for larger projects that contribute to their score improvement. This continual interaction ensures that users remain focused on their goals of a safer, healthier home environment.


The ThriveScore is a dynamic, evolving measure of a senior’s ability to thrive at home. It reflects the SeniorThrive app’s commitment to empowering seniors through actionable intelligence, merging health and environmental data to foster a secure, independent lifestyle. With its baseline setting and engaging improvement strategies, the ThriveScore is central to the SeniorThrive experience.

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