Redefining Life Longevity Impact On How We Work, Live and Play

Redefining Life Longevity Impact On How We Work, Live and Play

It’s happening. We are about to encounter significant changes in our lives because of what aging demographics have in store. The most important of these changes is the realization that we will need to adjust to accommodate our own needs with the basics that we need to thrive. This may mean needing assistance with the basics of transportation, meal preparation and housekeeping.

We are all members of a society that is aging. New behavior and societal norms will change the way that our society functions. As a consequence of our healthier lifestyles and medical advances, most of us plan to live beyond our 90s. This has a significant impact on several aspects of our lives, including the way we live and function as a society. Businesses, think tanks, venture firms, government programs and SeniorThrive are focused on this era and how we can best prepare for it.

This fun and telling report from esquire.com shares how the vision and reality of living longer are evolving. Consider that the current retirement was created during the 1930s. Wow, have things changed! Life expectancy was in the now thriving 60’s. Today, life expectancy is mostly increasing, despite the recent COVID-19 events. Retiring at 65 no longer is the norm, and it doesn’t make sense when there is so much to be done in life as longevity provides more opportunities to contribute to business, society, nonprofits, families and life.

As the workforce includes more senior workers, the workplace rules will need to reflect longevity. Factors such as physical workplace accommodations, retirement eligibility and Social Security will continue to need to be considered. Websites, businesses, housing, stories, medical facilities and more will all need to be prepared as more of society includes actively aging adults.

Esquire.com details how the new human longevity in the universe is already affecting the world today, alongside the opportunities that it affords. Check it out here.


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