Best Jobs for Active Agers Living and Working at Home

Best Jobs for Active Agers Living and Working at Home

There are many reasons an active ager would want to work at a part-time job. It’s nice to have some money, either to help pay bills, debts, or for little luxuries. But there are many other factors why someone would want to work. Being involved in the community, having social contact, helping others, helping you to stay active, exploring a career related to a hobby, or having the desire to be an entrepreneur are all considerations active agers have for wanting a part-time job.

Working remotely is an option that has come into its own over the past few years. People are returning to the office, but there is still a positive attitude toward working remotely and lots of remote jobs are still available. There are lots of benefits to working from home for both the worker and the company.  There are fewer distractions, interruptions from colleagues, and office politics when working from home. The worker has less stress from commuting so they can concentrate on the job better. Home usually has a lower noise level and the worker can dress more comfortably (at least from the bottom half!). The question is what do you want to do and how do you find these jobs?

What To Do

Sometimes you can do a part-time remote job in the same field you were in before. Telehealth is big now so nurses can work from home. Bookkeepers and accountants can also work remotely. You can work as a consultant in your previous field, work remotely, and make your own hours.

There are even receptionist and customer service representative jobs that are available to work from home.

There are lots of opportunities to tutor children remotely. You don’t need to limit yourself to children in your area when you work remotely. There are lots of jobs to tutor Chinese students in English if you want to work during the times that these children are available. Closer to home, you could tutor children of any age in any subject you are interested in through the school or through afterschool tutoring centers like Sylvan or Outschool. You could also teach a class at a community college, or even a continuing education class at a university. Another option is teaching English as a Second Language to someone who is new to this country.

There are also creative freelance work-from-home jobs. Writing, graphic design, and voice-over work are examples of this type of job you can do.

How To Find These Jobs

You can search for jobs online with platforms such as Indeed.com, ziprecruiter.com, monster.com, or simplyhired.com. You can often filter the jobs you are searching for so you only see remote jobs. There are also websites that specialize in remote-only jobs such as flexjobs.com or remote.co. 

For freelance creative work, you can explore upwork.com or fiverr.com. Fiverr has an amazing variety of jobs like dream analysis, photography, and talking to travelers about the area you live in, as well as more traditional jobs such as resume writing, website development, and data entry.

So you can go to these websites and look around. Maybe you’ll find remote jobs that you never considered by seeing what is available. But don’t neglect networking to find jobs. You can become active on LinkedIn and let it be known that you are looking for remote work. Also, let friends, old colleagues, and people you encounter every day know that you are looking for remote work. You never know where that just-right job offer will come from.

Make sure your resume is up to date and emphasize any tech experience you have. Even if it is just that you are familiar with Microsoft Word, or Google Docs, be sure to highlight any skill you have. This could show that you are a good fit for remote work.

It can be lucrative and a lot of fun to work from home. You can make ends meet or get some extra cash. You can spend some time doing something productive which can help your self-esteem and your mental acuity. You can also contribute something without having to get out of your PJs! If you need any help with your job search, contact SeniorThrive!


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